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Watchmaker Desk from late 1880"s
Watchmaker Desk from late 1880"s

This workbench, believed to be made by Jesson & Rosberg of Chicago in the late 19th century, was acquired from an on-line seller in Florida.  After purchasing and having it shipped out from Florida there was a substantial investment involved.  When my wife said, "it's not coming into this house!", I began to have second thoughts about my acquisition.  After opening several drawers and finding a couple of Florida cockroaches I thought maybe my wife is right, take my losses and learn from the experience. 

Having horology as a hobby, it seemed the perfect workbench for my imagined hobby room but how does such a vision become reality?  

Networking with several antique collector friends two of them recommended talking to Mark at Bausman and Father right in my own neighborhood.  The best advise ever!  Extremely pleasant, Mark said sure he would love to take on the project.  He knew to preserve the character marks the workbench had acquired over many years of service and assured me he would be able to key the lock and fix the drawer locking mechanism and put the roll top back in working order.  You could tell he loved his work and was excited to take on this project.  I was once again hopeful and agreed to let him and his staff work their magic. 

The results were unbelievable!   Everything worked and it was beautiful.  It even has my personalized logo where the original Jesson & Rosberg label had been.  The pictures don't quite do it justice, you really need to see and feel it in person. 

Now it resides in the room envisioned, only now my wife is claiming it as hers.  Even my adult children are both eyeing it as their inheritance but right now I putting my tools in the drawers and using it as intended.

Thanks so much Mark and Bob!!!

 Regards, Norton

Thanks again for bringing my dream to reality